Savinelli Cachimbo

In 1876 Achille Savinelli opened a shop for pipes and tobacco in the city centre of Milan. His two brothers followed him soon afterwards with a similar shop in Genoa. Both shops were successful and were quickly known because of their good quality and perfect service. In 1920 Carlo, son of Archille Savinelli, started to work in the factory. He established the production of pipes. After the Second World-War, in 1948, the Savinelli family founded a new factory, employing about fifteen workers by 1950. The factory was based in Molina di Barasso, the Varese province, north of Milano. With this production Savinelli is the biggest pipe factory in Italy of our time. The factory is still owned by the family.
A characteristic of the Savinelli pipe is the unique filter system. In the shaft a bore of 6 millimeter is drilled, in which a triangular piece of balsa wood is placed. This light weight piece of wood, extremely porous, absorbs all the tar and nicotine from the smoke thus cleaning the smoke. A lot of standard Savinelli pipes have this system, but those smokers desiring not to use the balsa filter, can easily block the system with a plug supplied with every pipe.