Exclusive real brass hookah - 33 cm - blue

It is a traditional unique hand made high quality brass hookah, from India. This beautifully decorated brass water pipe contains everything, what you need for hookah enjoyment:
1 brass water jar
1 handmade wood-body
1 brass head and brass cap
1 colorful silk thread coated, long flexible hose
1 wooden mouthpiece

The hookah is 33 cm high, handmade, and 53 cm long flexible hose with yellow and blue silk thread coated.
Painted floral and leaf pattern shown on the hand made, ornate brass water jar .
The flexible hose is decorated with a gold coloured thread. There is no need for the extra thread seals.
It will be a very nice gift, a true gems of the flat, but it's not "just" a room decor, rather it is also perfect for use.
It's only available here in this webshop - across in Europe!

Subtotal640,00 €
Desconto-230,00 €
===>410,00 €
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